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Fusion Farm

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh’s Farm is one of the largest resort farms in Vietnam. Making use of earth-friendly and sustainable growing practices, we encourage biodiversity, and focus on the health of the soil. You will find all our homegrown vegetables on the restaurant menus, and we encourage guests to pick their own fruit and vegetables and collect free-range eggs for breakfast. Young visitors can also attend Fusion Farm School on weekends and experience first-hand how we care for our animals.


At Fusion Resort Cam Ranh we practice responsible land stewardship to harvest from and help improve our ecosystem. We believe that caring for what we produce goes hand-in-hand with caring for ourselves. Ensuring we use fresh, healthy ingredients and striving to improve awareness around food and agriculture are central to the functioning of Fusion Farm. The impact of such practices on guest health and wellbeing is central to Fusion values and, we believe, goes beyond the idea of the usual resort vacation.

Meet Farmer Tuoc

Home to more than 350 animals, including our chickens and ducks that supply the resort kitchens with eggs, Farmer Tuoc must rise early to feed Fusion Farm’s animals. Why not join him to collect some fresh eggs for your breakfast? Just make sure you get there before 8:30am! If you’d prefer to help out later in the day, there are many hungry mouths to feed, including rabbits, guinea fowls, peacocks, and our friendly free-roaming goats. You can also enjoy a drink at our Bamboo Café.

Fusion Farm School

Saturday is the perfect time to visit the Fusion Farm, especially if you’d like to learn more about Farmer Tuoc and the animals he cares for. At Fusion we consider hands-on experience is one of the best ways to educate new generations of young people about sustainable food production and proper animal welfare practices. At the Farm School kids and parents get to learn all about how we raise our animals, grow our fruit and vegetables, and join in with the fun and games on offer.

Homegrown Garden

The Homegrown Garden is a small but wonderfully diverse selection of raised-bed vegetable gardening, herbs, and tropical fruits. What better way to connect with nature than to pick your own fresh fruit and vegetables each day? Guests are encouraged to visit the garden anytime and should they wish, a chef will prepare anything they pick for the freshest of Fusion meals!


Long Beach, Cam Ranh Northern Peninsula, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
T. +84 258 3989 777   

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