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Fusion Farm

Fusion Eco Sustainable Farm

Wellness comes in many different forms. It’s about finding a balance between our mental and emotional well-being as well as our physical health. Caring for ourselves goes hand-in-hand with what we eat, and ensuring we have fresh, healthy ingredients is an essential part of this.

Our Fusion Eco Sustainable Farm is an important part of daily life on the resort. It’s where we grow the vegetables for our menus so we can be sure they are fresh, high-quality and organic. But our sustainable eco-farm is not just for producing wholesome ingredients, it’s also an education centre for kids to visit and learn.


Come and meet Farmer Tuoc

Every morning Farmer Tuoc rises early to feed his ducks, chickens, turkeys and geese down on the farm. If you’d like to collect some farm-fresh eggs for breakfast you can join him, but make sure you get there before 8:30 am. Later in the day, you can help him feed some of the many animals he takes care of. There’s over 120 of them, including rabbits, pheasants, peacocks and our friendly free-roaming goats. Plenty to see and do!

Coming soon

Saturday is the perfect time to visit the Fusion Eco Sustainable Farm if you’d like to learn more about Farmer Tuoc and the animals he looks after. We have a small lecture followed by a show and tell session, so if you live in the city this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about how animals are raised and vegetables are grown. Join us at the outdoor kids’ club for some afternoon fun and games, and don’t forget to bring your swimmers!


Long Beach, Cam Ranh Northern Peninsula, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
T. +84 258 3989 777   

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